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About scUba

scUba is a Hip Hop/R&B Artist & Songwriter born in Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville, Florida on August 29th, 1996. He attended college at Hampton University, and this is where he obtained his degree in May of 2020. He received a Bachelor's of Science in Music Recording Technology with an emphasis in Voice & minored in Theatre. His first independent album, Finding My Voice, exudes a variety of emotions, perspective and attitude. A major theme scUba tends to follow is that of Storytelling Rap as to pay homage to old school Hip Hop, while still bringing new school vibes. Through a majority of his album he finds a satisfactory balance in his Rapping & Singing almost as if he's his own feature to his own song. As far as shows, scUba has managed to perform a handful of songs from the project in a few Open Mic Venues & School Events, while attending HU.

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